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A&A Marine Foods has successfully operated for nearly 50 years, delivering top brand product all over North America, and continues to build on our rich history.

Originally founded in 1972 A&A Marine successfully made a strong presence in the fish industry with a brand known for quality.

In 2011, Jerry Peralta and his team, including his two boys, Sal and Jeff Peralta bought and continued to grow this company to what it is today.

Jerry Peralta brought a wealth of experience to the fish processing industry with a successful career spanning over 42 years.

He planned to make his business sustainable for the future by vertically integrating operations from our lakes to your table. He successfully formed a group to ensure that the majority of A&A Marine Foods Fish belonged to the company itself.

Supported by it’s partners, the Miinch and Elsley families, long time fisherman on the Great Lakes with their own rich history, so that A&A would maintain supply and sustain the success of the company for years to come.

Today, A&A Marine Foods owes its success to Jerry Peralta and his vision, and continues to be a leader in the Freshwater Fish processing business. Lead by Sal and Jeff, A&A Marine has been able to increase its supply with the support of our local independent fisherman.

A&A Marine strives to continue this growth and success long into the future.